With our electronic catalog, you can take a look at all the items marketed by Carlos Andretich and their updated prices as well.

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You can search the products offered by all the brands marketed by Carlos Andretich just by clicking on the brand´s logo.

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Search for items, prices, replacements and product images.


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You can change your data. Whether you send your orders through our catalog, you need to provide your email address.

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You can see your orders, make a new one, copy it to add more items or resend it to the sales area.


You can update both the price list and the catalog items.


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You can send any query or even chat with a sales person.

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Update images:

It is possible to update the images of a product or download an image of a product that is not loaded, by performing the following steps.

  • Open the price list screen
  • Find the desired item
  • Go to the top menu "Image" and select the desired option. "Update" / "Search image".

Application update:

It is important to keep the version of CA Catalog 6.1 up to date, the updates often contain, improvements or bug fixes. To update the program you must open the Price List screen, go to the top menu "Help" and then select the option "Check for updates", the system will check if there are new versions and propose to start the update.


If you have pending orders to send, please do so before updating the CA Catalog, since this information will be lost with the update.


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